Electing Peace

Electing Peace

From Civil Conflict to Political Participation

Matanock, Aila (University of California, Berkeley)

Cambridge University Press






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This book examines the causes and consequences of post-conflict elections in securing and stabilizing peace agreements without the need to send troops. It will interest scholars and advanced students of civil war and peacebuilding in comparative politics, political sociology, and peace and conflict studies.
Part I. Introduction and Theory: 1. Credible transitions from civil conflict: provisions for combatant participation in post-conflict elections; 2. Electoral participation provisions: a theory of external engagement; 3. International involvement over time: changes with the end of the Cold War and patterns there-after; Part II. Causes of Electoral Participation Provisions: 4. Trading bullets for ballots: examining the inclusion of electoral participation provisions; 5. Shifting expectations of engagement: paving a path for peace agreements based on electoral participation provisions; Part III. Consequences of Electoral Participation Provisions: 6. Participating for peace: examining the effect of electoral participation provisions on peace; 7. Engaging through elections: external observation and incentives around elections during implementation; Part IV. Conclusion: 8. Securing peace: conclusions about electoral participation and external engagement in post-conflict states.
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