Electing Peace

Electing Peace

From Civil Conflict to Political Participation

Matanock, Aila

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Introduction and Theory: 1. Credible transitions from civil conflict: provisions for combatant participation in post-conflict elections; 2. Electoral participation provisions: a theory of external engagement; 3. International involvement over time: changes with the end of the Cold War and patterns there-after; Part II. Causes of Electoral Participation Provisions: 4. Trading bullets for ballots: examining the inclusion of electoral participation provisions; 5. Shifting expectations of engagement: paving a path for peace agreements based on electoral participation provisions; Part III. Consequences of Electoral Participation Provisions: 6. Participating for peace: examining the effect of electoral participation provisions on peace; 7. Engaging through elections: external observation and incentives around elections during implementation; Part IV. Conclusion: 8. Securing peace: conclusions about electoral participation and external engagement in post-conflict states.
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