Eisenstein Series and Automorphic Representations

Eisenstein Series and Automorphic Representations

With Applications in String Theory

Fleig, Philipp; Gustafsson, Henrik P. A.; Persson, Daniel; Kleinschmidt, Axel

Cambridge University Press






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1. Motivation and background; Part I. Automorphic Representations: 2. Preliminaries on p-adic and adelic technology; 3. Basic notions from Lie algebras and Lie groups; 4. Automorphic forms; 5. Automorphic representations and Eisenstein series; 6. Whittaker functions and Fourier coefficients; 7. Fourier coefficients of Eisenstein series on SL(2, A); 8. Langlands constant term formula; 9. Whittaker coefficients of Eisenstein series; 10. Analysing Eisenstein series and small representations; 11. Hecke theory and automorphic L-functions; 12. Theta correspondences; Part II. Applications in String Theory: 13. Elements of string theory; 14. Automorphic scattering amplitudes; 15. Further occurrences of automorphic forms in string theory; Part III. Advanced Topics: 16. Connections to the Langlands program; 17. Whittaker functions, crystals and multiple Dirichlet series; 18. Automorphic forms on non-split real forms; 19. Extension to Kac-Moody groups; Appendix A. SL(2, R) Eisenstein series and Poisson resummation; Appendix B. Laplace operators on G/K and automorphic forms; Appendix C. Structure theory of su(2, 1); Appendix D. Poincare series and Kloosterman sums; References; Index.
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