Egypt and the Struggle for Power in Sudan

Egypt and the Struggle for Power in Sudan

From World War II to Nasserism

Ginat, Rami

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. The Theoretical Foundations of Egypt's Claims for the Unity of the Nile Valley: 1. Egyptian perceptions of the Sudan: historical narratives; 2. The unity of the Nile Valley: geographical, economic and ethnographical perspectives; Part II. The Struggle for the Sudan: Politics, Diplomacy and Public Discourse: 3. The Sudan question: the Egyptian transition from wartime lethargy to postwar overtures and deeds; 4. Between two modes of imperialism: education, nationalism and the struggle for power in the Sudan; 5. The aftermath of the security council hype: whither the unity of the Nile Valley?; 6. Social movements and the Sudan question: a case study in the divergence of national liberation movements; Conclusion.
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