Economic Growth

Economic Growth

A Unified Approach

Grandville, Olivier de la

Cambridge University Press






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Foreword Robert M. Solow; Preface; Introduction; Part I. Positive Growth Theory: 1. The welfare of society and economic growth; 2. The growth process: an intuitive approach; 3. A production function of central importance; 4. Poverty traps; 5. The CES production function as a general mean in collaboration with Robert M. Solow; 6. Why has the elasticity of substitution most often been observed as smaller than 1? And why is it of importance?; 7. Capital-labour substitution and economic growth in collaboration with Robert M. Solow; 8. The long-term growth rate as a random variable, with an application to the US economy; Part II. Optimal Growth Theory: 9. Optimal growth theory: an introduction to the calculus of variations; 10. Deriving the central equations of the calculus of variations at a single stroke of the pen; 11. Other major tools for optimal growth theory: the Pontryagin maximum principle and the Dorfmanian; 12. First applications to optimal growth; 13. Optimal growth and the optimal savings rate; Part III. A Unified Approach: 14. Preliminaries: interest rates and capital valuation; 15. From arbitrage to equilibrium; 16. Why is traditional optimal growth theory mute? Restoring its rightful voice; 17. Problems in growth: common traits between planned economies and poor countries; 18. From Ibn Khaldun to Adam Smith, and a proof of Smith's conjecture; 19. Capital and economic growth in the coming centuries; In conclusion: on the convergence of ideas and values through civilizations; Further reading, data on growth and references; Index.
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