Duct Acoustics

Duct Acoustics

Fundamentals and Applications to Mufflers and Silencers

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; 1. Some preliminaries; 2. Introduction to acoustic block diagrams; 3. Transmission of low frequency sound waves in ducts; 4. Transmission of one-dimensional waves in coupled ducts; 5. Resonators, expansion chambers and silencers; 6. Multi-modal sound propagation in ducts; 7. Transmission of wave modes in coupled ducts; 8. Effects of viscosity and thermal conductity; 9. Reflection and radiation at open duct terminations; 10. Modeling of ducted acoustic sources; 11. Radiated sound pressure prediction; 12. Measurement methods; 13. System search and optimization; Appendix a: basic equations of fluid motion; Appendix b: acoustic properties of rigid-frame fibrous materials; References; Appendix c: impedance of compact apertures; Index.
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