Duality by Design

Duality by Design

The Global Race to Build Africa's Infrastructure

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Cambridge University Press






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Foreword Phanish Puranam; Acknowledgements; 1. Duality by design: the global race to build Africa's infrastructure Nuno Gil, Anne Stafford and Innocent Musonda; 2. Why the lights went out: a capability perspective on the unintended consequences of sector reform processes Hagen Worch, Mundia Kabinga, Anton Eberhard, Jochen Markard and Bernhard Truffer; 3. When the quest for electricity reform and the need for investment collide: South Africa, 1998-2004 Nchimunya Hamukoma and Brian Levy; 4. Institutional enablers of energy system transition: lessons from solar PV in eight African countries Valerie J. Karplus, Donald R. Lessard, Ninad Rajpurkar and Arun Singh; 5. Harnessing Africa's energy resources through regional infrastructure projects Amy Rose, Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, Robert Stoner and Richard de Neufville; 6. Centralized vs decentralized generation in Zambia: meeting electricity demand in the context of climate change Malik Ismail, Murray Metcalfe and Madeleine McPherson; 7. Delivering healthcare infrastructure and services through public private partnerships: the Lesotho case Mark Hellowell; 8. Achieving long-term financial sustainability in African infrastucture projects Anne Stafford, Pamela Stapleton and Cletus Agyemin-Boateng; 9. A proactive social infrastructure model for future mixed-use housing in Egypt Wafaa Hussein Nadim; 10. Collective action under the shadow of contractual governance: the case of a participatory approach to upgrade Cairo's 'garbage cities' Nuno Gil and Samuel C. MacAulay; 11. Kenya's Madaraka express: an example of the decisive Chinese impulse for African mega infrastructure projects Uwe Wissenbach; 12. No one-size-fits-all organisational solution: learning from railway developments in South Africa and Ethiopia Innocent Musonda, Trynos Gumbo, Boniface Bwanyire, Walter Musakwa, Chioma Okoro and Nuno Gil; 13. Building institutions or capital investment? Organisational duality in the pursuit of socioeconomic development Nuno Gil, Jeff Pinto and Rehema Msulwa; Afterword Nuno Gil.