Duality by Design

Duality by Design

The Global Race to Build Africa's Infrastructure

Gil, Nuno (University of Manchester); Musonda, Innocent (University of Johannesburg); Stafford, Anne (University of Manchester)

Cambridge University Press






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Building upon extensive research in Africa, this book analyses the challenges of designing organizations for socioeconomic development. Leveraging the empirical findings, the editors propose new conceptual framing for organizing to concomitantly build institutions and basic infrastructure. It will appeal to students, researchers and practitioners.
Foreword Phanish Puranam; Acknowledgements; 1. Duality by design: the global race to build Africa's infrastructure Nuno Gil, Anne Stafford and Innocent Musonda; 2. Why the lights went out: a capability perspective on the unintended consequences of sector reform processes Hagen Worch, Mundia Kabinga, Anton Eberhard, Jochen Markard and Bernhard Truffer; 3. When the quest for electricity reform and the need for investment collide: South Africa, 1998-2004 Nchimunya Hamukoma and Brian Levy; 4. Institutional enablers of energy system transition: lessons from solar PV in eight African countries Valerie J. Karplus, Donald R. Lessard, Ninad Rajpurkar and Arun Singh; 5. Harnessing Africa's energy resources through regional infrastructure projects Amy Rose, Ignacio Perez-Arriaga, Robert Stoner and Richard de Neufville; 6. Centralized vs decentralized generation in Zambia: meeting electricity demand in the context of climate change Malik Ismail, Murray Metcalfe and Madeleine McPherson; 7. Delivering healthcare infrastructure and services through public private partnerships: the Lesotho case Mark Hellowell; 8. Achieving long-term financial sustainability in African infrastucture projects Anne Stafford, Pamela Stapleton and Cletus Agyemin-Boateng; 9. A proactive social infrastructure model for future mixed-use housing in Egypt Wafaa Hussein Nadim; 10. Collective action under the shadow of contractual governance: the case of a participatory approach to upgrade Cairo's 'garbage cities' Nuno Gil and Samuel C. MacAulay; 11. Kenya's Madaraka express: an example of the decisive Chinese impulse for African mega infrastructure projects Uwe Wissenbach; 12. No one-size-fits-all organisational solution: learning from railway developments in South Africa and Ethiopia Innocent Musonda, Trynos Gumbo, Boniface Bwanyire, Walter Musakwa, Chioma Okoro and Nuno Gil; 13. Building institutions or capital investment? Organisational duality in the pursuit of socioeconomic development Nuno Gil, Jeff Pinto and Rehema Msulwa; Afterword Nuno Gil.