Diving Physiology of Marine Mammals and Seabirds

Diving Physiology of Marine Mammals and Seabirds

Ponganis, Paul J. (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego)

Cambridge University Press






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An up-to-date synthesis of comparative diving physiology research, illustrating the features of dive performance and its biomedical and ecological relevance.
Preface; 1. Diving behavior; 2. Challenges of the breath hold and the environment; 3. Respiratory gas exchange; 4. Oxygen storage and transport; 5. Cardiovascular dive response; 6. Adaptations in cardiovascular anatomy and hemodynamics; 7. Muscle and locomotory work; 8. Thermoregulation; 9. Diving metabolism; 10. The aerobic dive limit (ADL); 11. Pressure tolerance; 12. Hypoxemic tolerance; 13. Biomedical relevance; References; Index.
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