Dissolving Royal Marriages

Dissolving Royal Marriages

A Documentary History, 860-1600

D'Avray, D. L.

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Lothar, Theutberga and Waldrada; 2. Robert II of France and Bertha; 3. Philip I of France and Bertrada; 4. Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII of France; 5. King John of England and Isabelle of Gloucester; 6. Philip II Augustus of France and Ingeborg of Denmark; 7. Pere II of Aragon and Maria of Montpellier; 8. Jaume I of Aragon and Lyonor; 9. Sancho of Portugal and Mecia Lopes de Haro ('Mentia Lupi'); 10. Henry III of England and Jeanne of Ponthieu; 11. Plaisance of Cyprus and Balian; 12. Alfonso III of Portugal and Mathilda of Boulogne; 13. Jaume I of Aragon and Terisia; 14. Charles IV of France and Blanche: the law of Godparenthood; 15. Charles IV and Blanche: the annulment process; 16. Maximilian I, Anne of Brittany, and Charles VIII of France; 17. Louis XII of France and Jeanne; 18. Margaret of Scotland and Archibald Douglas the Earl of Angus; 19. Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon; 20. Henri IV of France and Marguerite de Valois.
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