Dispute Processes

Dispute Processes

ADR and the Primary Forms of Decision-making


Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. Cultures of Decision-making: Precursors to the Emergence of ADR; 3. The Debates Around Civil Justice and the Movement Towards Procedural Innovation; 4. Disputes and Dispute Processes; 5. Development of Disputes, Avoidance and Self Help; 6. Negotiations; 7. Mediation; 8. Umpiring: Courts and Tribunals; 9. Umpiring: Arbitration; 10. Hybrid Forms and Processual Experimentation; 11. The Ombuds and its Diffusion: from Public to Private; 12. ODR and its Diffusion: from Private to Public; 13. Institutionalization of ADR; 14. Reflections; Appendix A. Some Role Plays; Bibliography; Further Reading; Index