Dimensions of Phonological Stress

Dimensions of Phonological Stress

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Introduction Jeffrey Heinz, Rob Goedemans and Harry van der Hulst; 1. Metrical incoherence: diachronic sources and synchronic analysis Matthew Gordon; 2. The role of phenomenal accent Brett Hyde; 3. Foot alignment in Spanish secondary stress Eugene Buckley; 4. The interaction of metrical structure and tone in standard Chinese Yanyan Sui; 5. Prominence, contrast and the functional load hypothesis: an acoustic investigation Irene Vogel, Angeliki Athanasopoulou and Nadya Pincus; 6. Iquito: the prosodic colon and evaluation of OT stress accounts Nina Topintzi; 7. Investigating the efficiency of parsing strategies for the gradual learning algorithm Gaja Jarosz; 8. Covert representations, contrast, and the acquisition of lexical accent B. Elan Dresher; 9. One or many? In search of the default stress in Greek Anthi Revithiadou and Angelos Lengeris; 10. The development of rhythmic preferences by Dutch-learning infants Brigitta Keij and Rene Kager; 11. Acoustic characteristics of infant-directed speech as a function of prosodic typology Yuanyuan Wang, Amanda Seidl and Alejandrina Cristia.
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