Diagnosing from a Distance

Diagnosing from a Distance

Debates over Libel Law, Media, and Psychiatric Ethics from Barry Goldwater to Donald Trump

Martin-Joy, John

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. An ethical dilemma; 1. Psychoanalysis, media, and politics from the rise of Hitler to the 1950s; Part I. Diagnosis from a Distance and Libel Law in the 1960s: Goldwater v. Ginzburg: 2. Ralph Ginzburg: provocateur; 3. 'To remove this precedent': Barry Goldwater sues for libel; 4. Ginzburg, Goldwater, and the Supreme Court; Part II. Professionalization and the Rise of the Goldwater Rule; 5. 'To protect public figures': the APA and the Goldwater Rule; 6. The CIA and the White House: adventures in assessment; 7. Furor: the debate over Donald Trump; Conclusion. On history, ethics, and pluralism; Appendix. The Goldwater Rule in 1973 and today; Acknowledgments; Notes; Works cited; Index.
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