South Asia in the Social Sciences

South Asia in the Social Sciences

Naseemullah, Adnan (King's College London)

Cambridge University Press






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This book explores how industrial firms in South Asia manage the challenges of production after the withdrawal of the government from directing industry in the 1980s. Naseemullah argues that in Pakistan and India, manufacturers manage capital and labor differently based on their backgrounds, complicating industrial transformation by the state.
1. Introduction; 2. Theoretical framework; 3. The rise and fall of India's Statist development; 4. Industrial finance after Statism in India; 5. Labor management after Statism in India; 6. Indian firms and the international economy; 7. The rise and fall of Pakistan's Statist development; 8. Industrialization after Statism in Pakistan; 9. Conclusion; Appendix 1. Statistical models; Appendix 2. List of interviews; References; Index.
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