Developing Summary and Note-taking Skills with answers

Developing Summary and Note-taking Skills with answers

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; How to use this book: Science and the body: Note-taking 1 Tackling dyslexia in children; Summary 1 All in the mind?; Note-taking 2 Antibiotic resistance; Summary 2 The enemy within; Animal life: Note-taking 3 The thrill of watching whales; Summary 3 Why zoo cats lose their cool; Note-taking 4 Dogs on the defensive; Summary 4 Undercover cats; The world of plants: Note-taking 5 A natural antiseptic; Summary 5 The rose, queen of all flowers; Note-taking 6 Sweet talk; Summary 6 The mangoes in your trolley; Personal challenges: Note-taking 7 Lost on the mountain; Summary 7 Young ambassadors; Note-taking 8 Taking a gap year; Summary 8 My daughter can achieve whatever she wants; Leisure and lifestyle: Note-taking 9 The ugly side of clean power; Summary 9 From schoolboy to clown; Note-taking 10 The world of the Incas; Summary 10 What's for dinner, Mum?; Trends - past, present and future: Note-taking 11 B irth of a barcode; Summary 11 Pupils find internet 'a poor learning tool'; Note-taking 12 Thirsty work; Summary 12 Lost for words; Skills practice: Core level: Note-taking 13 The Huron-Wendat; Summary 13 Travel writer; Note-taking 14 The rise of the robot; Summary 14 Laughter: the best medicine; Skills practice: Extended level: Note-taking 15 The Huron-Wendat; Summary 15 Serval rescue; Note-taking 16 The rise of the robot; Summary 16 Space mission; Topic vocabulary and writing tasks: Acknowledgements: Teacher notes (with Key edition only): Answer key (with Key edition only).
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