Demystifying Treaty Interpretation

Demystifying Treaty Interpretation

Bianchi, Andrea; Zarbiyev, Fuad

Cambridge University Press






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1. The province of the rules of treaty interpretation; 2. The Interpreter's Self: Freedom and Constraints; 3. The Genealogy of the Contemporary Regime of Treaty Interpretation; 4. Textualism: Its Unfulfilled Promises and Unintended Consequences; 5. Intentionalism: A Lost Cause?; 6. What's the Purpose of 'Object and Purpose'?; 7. Supplementary Means: A Dangerous Supplement?; 8. The magic of systemic integration; 9. Inferential Reasoning and Its Consequences; 10. Time and Treaty Interpretation; 11. Text, Author, and Interpretive Control; 12. Power, Persuasion, and Authority; Index.
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