Decrees of Fourth-Century Athens (403/2-322/1 BC) 2 Hardback Volume Set

Decrees of Fourth-Century Athens (403/2-322/1 BC) 2 Hardback Volume Set

Liddel, Peter (University of Manchester)

Cambridge University Press



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This two-volume work comprehensively collects, translates and explains the literary evidence for decrees of the fourth-century Athenian Assembly. The book is important for scholars and students of ancient history and politics, and provides new perspectives on the working of ancient Greek direct democracy and its political legacy.
Introduction; Inventory A checklist; Checklist by genre type; Inventory A1: 403/2-353/2; Inventory A2: 352/1-322/1; Inventory B checklist; Inventory B1: testimonia that can be identified as probable decrees (DP); Inventory B2: other possible decrees; Introduction; 1. The social capital of the decree; 2. Appropriation and aspiration: decrees in the pursuit of political self-interest; 3. The dissemination of fourth-century Athenian decrees: local audiences; 4. The audiences of decrees beyond Athenian citizens; 5. Literary representations of Athenian decrees; Conclusion.