Debating Early Child Care

Debating Early Child Care

The Relationship between Developmental Science and the Media

Leventhal, Tama (Tufts University, Massachusetts); Crosnoe, Robert (University of Texas, Austin)

Cambridge University Press






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How can parents accurately understand the ways that child care affects children if the media translation of research goes awry? By examining this translation process, this book seeks to help scientists, journalists, and policymakers have a real impact on society, and assist parents in making informed decisions for their children.
1. The child care wars; 2. Translating science for public consumption; 3. Media coverage of early child care research; 4. Mothers, children, and messages; 5. Gaining perspective on early child care research in the media; 6. Lessons learned for scientists, journalists, and parents; 7. Moving forward with developmental science in the media.
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