Personality, Values, Culture

Personality, Values, Culture

An Evolutionary Approach

Fischer, Ronald

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: the quest to understand the person; 2. Everything is change: a primer to evolution; 3. The big five personality traits and human values; 4. Examining the common structure of traits and values; 5. Explaining personality structures: the relative importance of genetic; 6. Searching for the underlying mechanisms in the brain and the situation and cultural differences in values and traits; 7. Is the personality world two-dimensional? The (in)stability of the trait-value structure across cultures; 8. Understanding structural variation: resources, threats and the power of the situation; 9. Values and traits as adaptive strategies; 10. Traits and values across the lifespan; 11. Evolutionary genetics of personality; 12. Why should we care about personality, culture and evolution?
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