Culture across the Curriculum

Culture across the Curriculum

A Psychology Teacher's Handbook

Cambridge University Press






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Foreword David Matsumoto; Preface; Prologue: a psychology of all people Kenneth D. Keith; Part I. Basic Concepts: 1. Foundation and parameters of a contextualized global psychology education Michael J. Stevens, Viviane de Castro Pecanha and Alyssa Benedict; 2. Cultural competence for teachers and students Leonie Elphinstone; Part II. Teaching Across the Psychology Curriculum; Section 1. In the Beginning: 3. Culture and introductory psychology Kenneth D. Keith; 4. History of psychology in cultural context Kenneth D. Keith; Section 2. Research and Statistics: 5. Why culture matters in teaching statistics Susan A. Nolan and Andrew Simon; 6. Approaches to culture-oriented research and teaching Carl Martin Allwood; 7. Teaching psychological measurement: taking into account cross-cultural comparability and cultural sensitivity Christin-Melanie Vauclair, Diana Boer and Katja Hanke; Section 3. Biological Connections: 8. Incorporating culture into biological psychology courses Afshin Gharib; 9. Sensation and perception: why culture matters William L. Phillips; Section 4. Development: 10. Teaching child development from a cross-cultural perspective Adriana Molitor; 11. Teaching adolescent development from an international and cultural perspective Judith L. Gibbons and Katelyn Poelker; Section 5. Cognition: 12. Where tides collide: integrating culture in teaching cognitive psychology Aaron Richmond; 13. Integration of culture in the teaching of memory Qi Wang; 14. Bringing life to educational psychology through cross-cultural experiences Noriyuki Inoue; 15. Teaching about language by integrating culture David Kreiner; Section 6. Social Psychology: 16. Culture and social behavior Richard L. Miller and Tyler Collette; 17. Teaching about cultural differences in the correspondence bias Anne Koenig and Kristy Dean; 18 Ethnocentrism: our window on the world Kenneth D. Keith; 19. Cross-cultural attitudes toward sexual minorities Mary E. Kite, LaCount J. Togans and Kim A. Case; 20. Peace psychology: a gateway and path to culture and diversity Linda M. Woolf and Michael R. Hulsizer; Section 7. Health and Well-Being: 21. Health psychology Regan A. R. Gurung; 22. Well-being Chu Kim-Prieto and Jaclyn Kukoff; Section 8. Personality, Disability, and Disorders: 23. Cultural construction of personality: helping students think globally Peter J. Giordano; 24. Integration of culture in teaching about disability Elias Mpofu, James Athanasou, Tinashe Dune, Debra Harley, Patrick Devlieger and Chandra Donnell Carey; 25. Cultural issues in the teaching of psychological disorders Josephine C. H. Tan; 26. Culture-infused training in clinical psychology Junko Tanaka-Matsumi; Epilogue: the band plays on Kenneth D. Keith; Index.
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