Crises of Democracy

Crises of Democracy

Przeworski, Adam (New York University)

Cambridge University Press






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Przeworski presents a panorama of not only the political threats to democracy, but also the current economic, social, and cultural threats, places them in the context of past crises of democratic regimes, and offers speculations about the prospects. This book is addressed to everyone concerned about the prospects of democracy.
1. Introduction; Part I. The Past: Crises of Democracy: 2. General patterns; 3. Some stories; 4. Lessons from history: what to look for?; Part II. The Present: What Is Happening?: 5. The signs; 6. Potential causes; 7. Where to seek explanations?; 8. What may be unprecedented?; Part III. The Future?: 9. How democracy works; 10. Subversion by stealth; 11. What can and cannot happen?
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