Criminalising Contagion

Criminalising Contagion

Legal and Ethical Challenges of Disease Transmission and the Criminal Law


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: disease transmission and the criminal law: a growing concern? Hannah Quirk and Catherine Stanton; 1. HIV and the meaning of harm Matthew Weait; 2. Crime and disease: contagion by metaphor Mike Hanne; 3. Leprosy and the law: the 'criminalisation' of Hansen's disease in Hawai'i, 1865-1969 Kerri A. Inglis; 4. Criminalisation: the impact on the healthcare/patient relationship Ceri Evans; 5. Criminal law and contagious diseases - a Nordic perspective Aslak Syse; 6. Criminal HIV exposure statutes and public health in the United States Leslie E. Wolf; 7. Making science count: significant risk, HIV non-disclosure and science-based criminal law reform: a reflexive analysis Eric Mykhalovskiy; 8. Feminism and the criminalisation of HIV non-disclosure Alana Klein; 9. Criminalising contagion - questioning the paradigm Karl Laird.
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