Cosmopolitan Radicalism

Cosmopolitan Radicalism

The Visual Politics of Beirut's Global Sixties

Maasri, Zeina

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. Beirut in the global Sixties: design, politics and translocal visuality; 1. Dislocating the nation: Mediterraneanscapes in Lebanon's tourist promotion; 2. The hot Third World in the cultural Cold War: modernism, Arabic literary journals and US counterinsurgency; 3. The visual economy of 'precious books': publishing, modern art and the design of Arabic books; 4. Ornament is no crime: decolonising the Arabic page from Cairo to Beirut; 5. Art is in the 'Arab street': the Palestinian revolution and printscapes of solidarity; 6. Draw me a gun: radical children's books in the trenches of 'Arab Hanoi'; Conclusion.
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Lebanon history; Cold War; global modernism; Arab art and design history; visual culture; Middle Eastern studies; Third Worldism; decolonization; Arab left; Palestinian struggle