Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategy, Communication, Governance

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List of case studies; List of figures; List of tables; List of boxes; List of abbreviations; List of contributors; Preface; Prologue Jim Walsh; 1. The changing role of business in global society: CSR and beyond Andreas Rasche, Mette Morsing and Jeremy Moon; Part I. Strategy and CSR: 2. Historical perspectives on corporate social responsibility Jeremy Moon and Jean-Pascal Gond, with Luisa Murphy; 3. Strategic CSR: ambitions and critiques Steen Vallentin and Laura J. Spence; 4. Corporate responsibility strategies for sustainability Mike Valente; 5. Managing for stakeholders in the digital age R. Edward Freeman, Sergiy Dmytriyev and Robert G. Strand; 6. Political CSR: the corporation as a political actor Glen Whelan; Personal reflection Mads Ovlisen; Part II. The Regulatory Dynamics of CSR: 7. Standards for corporate social responsibility: legitimacy, impact, and critique Andreas Rasche and Sandra Waddock; 8. Corporate responsibility reporting Christian Herzig and Anna-Lena Kuhn; 9. NGO activism and CSR Frank G. A. de Bakker and Frank den Hond; 10. Government as a regulator of corporate social responsibility: beyond voluntarism Jette Steen Knudsen; Personal reflection Clare Short; Part III. Communication and CSR: 11. CSR communication: what is it? Why is it important? Mette Morsing; 12. CSR and crisis communication strategies W. Timothy Coombs; 13. CSR and reputation: too much of a good thing? Christopher Wickert and Joep Cornelissen; 14. The corporate construction of transparency and (in)transparency Lars Thoger Christensen and Dennis Schoenborn; Personal reflection Daniel Mittler; Part IV. The Governance of Transnational Issues: 15. Business and human rights: not just another CSR issue? Karin Buhmann and Florian Wettstein; 16. Anti-corruption governance and global business Hans Krause Hansen; 17. Business and transnational environmental governance Stefano Ponte, Rene Taudal Poulsen and Jane Lister; 18. Labour rights in global supply chains Dirk Ulrich Gilbert and Kristin Huber; Personal reflection Mark Moody-Stuart; Epilogue Jonas Haertle; Glossary on CSR and related concepts; References; Index.
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