Corporate Governance in Asia

Corporate Governance in Asia

A Comparative Approach

Kim, Joongi (Yonsei University, Seoul); Aronson, Bruce (New York University)

Cambridge University Press






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A comprehensive textbook that provides a comparative overview of corporate governance frameworks and practices in major Asian countries. Aimed at undergraduate and graduate students in law school, business school and international studies. Academics, analysts and practitioners will find the book an essential reference for their research/practice.
Part I. Introduction and Models: 1. Comparative corporate governance - introduction and overview Bruce Aronson and Joongi Kim; 2. US and UK models Bruce Aronson and Joongi Kim; 3. German and European models Bruce Aronson and Joongi Kim; 4. Global theories of corporate governance: law, development and convergence theory Bruce Aronson and Joongi Kim; Part II. Asian Corporate Governance Systems: 5. Australia Jennifer Hill; 6. Hong Kong Say H. Goo and Yu-Hsin Lin; 7. India Umakanth Varottil; 8. Singapore Dan Puchniak; 9. China Jiangyu Wang; 10. Japan Bruce Aronson; 11. Korea Joongi Kim; 12. Taiwan Christopher Chen; Part III. Future/Conclusion: 13. Stock exchange competition Bruce Aronson and Joongi Kim; 14. Conclusion Bruce Aronson and Joongi Kim.
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