Copyright Law in an Age of Limitations and Exceptions

Copyright Law in an Age of Limitations and Exceptions

Cambridge University Press






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1. Justifications for copyrights limitations and exceptions Pamela Samuelson; 2. The role of the author in copyright Jane C. Ginsburg; 3. A few observations about the state of copyright law William F. Patry; 4. Fetishizing copies Jessica Litman; 5. Copyright in a digital ecosystem: a user rights approach Niva Elkin-Koren; 6. The Canadian copyright story: how Canada improbably became the world leader on users' rights in copyright law Michael Geist; 7. (When) Is copyright reform possible? James Boyle; 8. Fair use and its politics - at home and abroad Justin Hughes; 9. Flexible copyright: can the EU author's right accommodate fair use? P. Bernt Hugenholtz; 10. The limits of 'limitations and exceptions' in copyright law Jerome H. Reichman; 11. Lessons from CopyrightX William W. Fisher, III; 12. Rights on the border: the Berne Convention and neighbouring rights Sam Ricketson; 13. How oracle erred: the use/explanation distinction and the future of computer copyright Wendy J. Gordon; 14. International copyright limitations and exceptions as development policy Ruth L. Okediji.
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