Context, Principles and Practice of TransGynecology

Context, Principles and Practice of TransGynecology

Managing Transgender Patients in ObGyn Practice

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Section A. Contextual Transgynecology: 1. Terminology in transgender medicine; 2. Optimizing clinical ob/gyn services through improved communication with trans persons; 3. What do trans people expect from transition and what do they encounter physically?; 4. A pondering transfemale gynaecologist; 5. The ever-changing role of the mental health care professional in transgender healthcare; 6. Impact of stigma and resilience on the health of transgender and nonbinary people; 7. Dealing with the physical complaints of nonbinary clients; 8. Impulses for a gender-variant gynecological expertise from a queer-theoretical perspective; Section B. Practicing Transgynecology: 9. Gynecological office medicine for trans and gender-diverse people; 10. Features of imaging in transgender persons; 11. Benign Gynecological conditions in transgender and gender diverse people; 12. Urogynaecological disorders; 13. Painful and frequent micturation; 14. Differential diagnosis and evaluation of pelvic pain in transgender patients; 15. Gynecological attention to the prostate; 16. Vaginal dilators and dilating after vaginoplasty; 17. TransSenology; Section C. Gynecological Surgery for Transgender Males: 18. What is different in performing hysterectomy on trans men?; 19. Opportunistic salpingectomy; 20. Colpectomy; Section D. Sexuality and Contraception: 21. Transition-related sexual health care; 22. Contraceptive advice for trans male persons; 23. Sexual abuse and trauma-informed care for transgender and gender diverse people in ob/gyn practice; Section E. Fertility and Reproduction: 24. Fertility counseling for transgender and nonbinary people; 25. Management of fertility for the trans masculine individual; 26. Fertility maintenance for trans women; 27. Fertility prospects related to puberty blocking therapy; 28. Medico-legal entanglements of assisted reproduction; 29. Obstetrical care for trans persons; 30. Uterine transplantation for trans women: Prerequisites and limitations; Section F. Impact of Gender Affirming Hormonal Therapy on Genital Organs: 31. Changes to the uterus from supraphysiologic androgens; 32. The ovaries under supraphysiological androgen exposure.; 33. The vaginal and neovaginal microbiome under androgen or estrogen exposure respectively; Section G. Screening and Prophylaxis: 34. Prevention and management of neovaginal stenosis and other related complications of vaginoplasty; 35. Pelvic physical therapy for gender-affirming genital vaginoplasty; 36. HPV associated dysplasia of skin and mucosa and vaccination options in trans people; 37. Extent, burden and characteristics of STD's and HIV in trans people; 38. Screening policies for cervical, (neo-)vaginal, and vulvar dysplasia and cancer.
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