Contested Transformation

Contested Transformation

Race, Gender, and Political Leadership in 21st Century America

Hardy-Fanta, Carol; Pinderhughes, Dianne M.; Sierra, Christine Marie; Lien, Pei-te

Cambridge University Press






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This book provides the first in-depth look at male and female elected officials of color using survey and other empirical data.
Introduction; Part I. Transforming the American Political Landscape: 1. Dual narratives; dramatic growth and continuing underrepresentation; 2. Who governs at the local level?; 3. Portrait of elected officials of color; Part II. Paths to Political Office: 4. The decision to run and patterns of office holding; 5. The election contest: navigating the campaign trail; Part III. Leadership, Governance, and Representation: 6. Leadership and governance; 7. Perspectives on representation; Part IV. Advancing Democracy in the United States: 8. Prospects for building coalitions across race and gender.
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