Contested Regime Collisions

Contested Regime Collisions

Norm Fragmentation in World Society

Blome, Kerstin; Markard, Nora; Franzki, Hannah; Fischer-Lescano, Andreas; Oeter, Stefan

Cambridge University Press






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Contested collisions: an introduction Kerstin Blome, Andreas Fischer-Lescano, Hannah Franzki, Nora Markard and Stefan Oeter; Part I. Between Collisions and Interaction: 1. Regime collisions from a perspective of global constitutionalism Stefan Oeter; 2. How to avoid regime collisions Jeffrey L. Dunoff; 3. Regime-interplay management: lessons from environmental policy and law Sebastian Oberthur; 4. Responsive legal pluralism: the emergence of transnational conflicts law Lars Viellechner; Part II. Addressing Collisions: Regulation and Self-Regulation: 5. Horizontal fundamental rights as conflict of laws rules: how transnational pharma-groups manipulate scientific publications Isabell Hensel and Gunther Teubner; 6. (Dis)solving constitutional problems: transconstitutionalism beyond collisions Marcelo Neves; 7. Governance polycentrism or regulated self-regulation: rule systems for human rights impacts of economic activity where national, private, and international regimes collide Larry Cata Backer; 8. Non-financial reporting for business enterprises: an effective tool to address human rights violations? Sebastian Eickenjager; Part III. Collisions Otherwise: Law and the Collision with Non-Legal Spheres: 9. A critical theory of transnational regimes: creeping managerialism and the quest for a destituent power Kolja Moeller; 10. Materialism of form: on the self-reflection of law Christoph Menke; 11. The dialectic of democracy and capitalism before the backdrop of a transnational legal pluralism in crisis Sonja Buckel; 12. Putting proportionality in proportion: whistleblowing in transnational law Andreas Fischer-Lescano; 13. On the critical potential of law - and its limits: double fragmentation of law in Chevron Corp. v. Ecuador Hannah Franzki and Johan Horst.
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