Constitutions in Times of Financial Crisis

Constitutions in Times of Financial Crisis

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1. Introduction Tom Ginsburg, Mark Rosen and Georg Vanberg; Part I. The Role of Constitutions in Dealing with Crises: 2. Financial emergencies John Ferejohn; 3. Rule-of-law objections to the lender of last resort Eric A. Posner; 4. Balanced budget provisions in constitutions Tom Ginsburg; 5. Legislatures and constitutions in times of severe financial crisis Mark D. Rosen; Part II. Courts and Crises: 6. The place of economic crisis in American constitutional law: the Great Depression as a case study Barry Cushman; 7. Financial crises and constitutional compromise Georg Vanberg and Mitu Gulati; 8. Commitment for cowards: why the judicialization of austerity is bad policy and even worse politics Daniel Kelemen; 9. Protecting fundamental rights during financial crisis: supranational adjudication in the Council of Europe Eva Brems; Part III. Supranational Governance and Crisis: 10. Constitutionalism as limitation and license: crisis governance in the European Union Turkuler Isiksel; 11. The institutional origin of Europe's constitutional crises: Grexit, Brexit and the EU form of government Federico Fabbrini; Part IV. Implementing Austerity: 12. The constitutional performance of austerity in Portugal Teresa Violante and Patricia Andre; 13. Constitutional resilience and constitutional failure in the face of crisis: the Greek case Xenophon Contiades and Alkmene Fotiadou; Part V. The Effect of Crises on Constitutions: 14. Economic crises, political fragmentation, and constitutional choice: the agenda-setting power of presidents in Latin America Gabriel L. Negretto; 15. Constitutions, crisis, and regime change: perspectives on East and Southeast Asia Bjoern Dressel.
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