Constitutionalism beyond Liberalism

Constitutionalism beyond Liberalism

Dowdle, Michael W.; Wilkinson, Michael A.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction and overview; Part I. Limits of the Structural-Liberal Vision: 1. On the limits of constitutional liberalism: in search of constitutional reflexivity Michael W. Dowdle and Michael A. Wilkinson; 2. The reconstitution of postwar Europe: liberal excesses, democratic deficiencies Michael A. Wilkinson; Part II. Functional Symbiosis: 3. Constitutional drift: spontaneous co-evolution of social 'ideas' and legal 'form' Gunther Teubner; 4. 'Constitutionalism beyond liberalism' in Indonesian competition regulation: recognizing the constitutional role of dominium Michael W. Dowdle; 5. Social intuitions in the shadow of liberal constitutionalism: an Indian perspective Mathew John; Part III. The Political Construction of the State: 6. On constituent power Martin Loughlin; 7. Socialist constitutionalism in contemporary China Baogang He; 8. Islamic constitutionalism beyond liberalism Clark Lombardi; Part IV. Solidarity: 9. Rousseau's radical constitutionalism and its legacy Marco Goldoni; 10. Constitutional trajectory in Malaysia: constitutionalism without consensus? Andrew Harding; 11. A sense of grievance and the quest for freedom: South Africa's constitution - the struggle continues Hugh Corder.
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