Constitutional Triumphs, Constitutional Disappointments

Constitutional Triumphs, Constitutional Disappointments

A Critical Assessment of the 1996 South African Constitution's Local and International Influence


Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction Rosalind Dixon and Theunis Roux; 2. Mission in progress: towards an assessment of South Africa's Constitution at 20 Catherine O'Regan; 3. The performance of socio-economic rights in the South African Constitution David Bilchitz; 4. Proceduralism's promise: the Constitutional Court, social and economic rights and democracy Steven Friedman; 5. Corruption, the rule of law and the role of independent institutions Heinz Klug; 6. Violence against women in South Africa: constitutional responses and opportunities Beth Goldblatt; 7. Toward reparative transformation: revisiting the impact of violence against women in a post-TRC South Africa Andrea Durbach; 8. The constitutional goal of transforming education: the South African Constitutional Court in comparative perspective Julie C. Suk; 9. Race, inclusiveness and transformation of legal education in South Africa Penelope Andrews; 10. The contribution of the South African Constitution to Kenya's Constitution Jill Cottrell Ghai and Yash Ghai; 11. Multi-stage constitution-making: from South Africa to Chile? Joel Colon-Rios; 12. A cure for coups: the South African influence on Fijian constitutionalism Coel Kirkby; 13. Policing democracy: the influence of South Africa's post-apartheid security arrangements on police oversight under Kenya's 2010 Constitution Richard Stacey; 14. The diffusion of South African-style institutions? A study in comparative constitutionalism Charles Manga Fombad; 15. Constitutionalism, legitimacy, and public order: a South African case study Aziz Z. Huq; 16. South African social rights jurisprudence and the global canon: a revisionist view David Landau.