Constitutional Triumphs, Constitutional Disappointments

Constitutional Triumphs, Constitutional Disappointments

A Critical Assessment of the 1996 South African Constitution's Local and International Influence

Dixon, Rosalind (University of New South Wales, Sydney); Roux, Theunis (University of New South Wales, Sydney)

Cambridge University Press






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Exploring whether the aspirations of the 1996 South African Constitution have been realized, and what other countries are learning from the South African experience, this book will appeal to anyone interested in South Africa's post-apartheid Constitution, either on its own terms or from a comparative perspective.
1. Introduction Rosalind Dixon and Theunis Roux; 2. Mission in progress: towards an assessment of South Africa's Constitution at 20 Catherine O'Regan; 3. The performance of socio-economic rights in the South African Constitution David Bilchitz; 4. Proceduralism's promise: the Constitutional Court, social and economic rights and democracy Steven Friedman; 5. Corruption, the rule of law and the role of independent institutions Heinz Klug; 6. Violence against women in South Africa: constitutional responses and opportunities Beth Goldblatt; 7. Toward reparative transformation: revisiting the impact of violence against women in a post-TRC South Africa Andrea Durbach; 8. The constitutional goal of transforming education: the South African Constitutional Court in comparative perspective Julie C. Suk; 9. Race, inclusiveness and transformation of legal education in South Africa Penelope Andrews; 10. The contribution of the South African Constitution to Kenya's Constitution Jill Cottrell Ghai and Yash Ghai; 11. Multi-stage constitution-making: from South Africa to Chile? Joel Colon-Rios; 12. A cure for coups: the South African influence on Fijian constitutionalism Coel Kirkby; 13. Policing democracy: the influence of South Africa's post-apartheid security arrangements on police oversight under Kenya's 2010 Constitution Richard Stacey; 14. The diffusion of South African-style institutions? A study in comparative constitutionalism Charles Manga Fombad; 15. Constitutionalism, legitimacy, and public order: a South African case study Aziz Z. Huq; 16. South African social rights jurisprudence and the global canon: a revisionist view David Landau.