Constitutional Identity in a Europe of Multilevel Constitutionalism

Constitutional Identity in a Europe of Multilevel Constitutionalism

van der Schyff, Gerhard; Calliess, Christian

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Constitutional Identity Introduced and its EU Law Dimension: 1. Constitutional identity introduced Christian Calliess and Gerhard van der Schyff; 2. Article 4(2) TEU as a vehicle for national constitutional identity in the shared European legal system Anita Schnettger; Part II. Constitutional Identity and its Member State Law Dimension: 3. Constitutional identity in Austria: basic principles and identity beyond the abolition of nobility Georg Lienbacher and Matthias Lukan; 4. Constitutional identity in Belgium: a thing of mystery Elke Cloots; 5. Constitutional identity in the Czech Republic: a new twist on an old fashioned idea? David Kosar and Ladislav Vyhnanek; 6. Constitutional identity in Denmark: extracting constitutional identity in the context of a restrained Supreme Court and a strong legislator Helle Krunke; 7. Constitutional identity in France: vices and - above all - virtues Francois-Xavier Millet; 8. Constitutional identity in Germany: one for three or three in one? Christian Calliess; 9. Constitutional identity in Ireland: national and popular sovereignty as checks on European integration Eoin Daly; 10. Constitutional identity in Italy: institutional disagreements at a time of political change Federico Fabbrini and Oreste Pollicino; 11. Constitutional identity in the Netherlands: sailing with others Ernst Hirsch Ballin; 12. Constitutional identity in Poland: is the Emperor putting on the old clothes of sovereignty? Anna Sledzinska-Simon and Michal Ziolkowski; 13. Constitutional identity in Spain: commitment to European integration without giving up the essence of the constitution Jose Martin y Perez de Nanclares; 14. Constitutional identity in the United Kingdom: an evolving concept Paul Craig; Part III. Comparative Constitutional Identity and Multilevel Constitutionalism: 15. Member states of the European Union, constitutions and identity: a comparative perspective Gerhard van der Schyff; 16. The protection of constitutional identity in a Europe of multilevel constitutionalism Christian Calliess and Anita Schnettger.
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