Constitutional Courts in Asia

Constitutional Courts in Asia

A Comparative Perspective


Cambridge University Press






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1. Constitutional courts in Asia: Western origins and Asian practice Albert H. Y. Chen; 2. Constitutional review in Asia: a comparative perspective Cheryl Saunders; 3. The informal dimension of constitutional politics in Asia: insights from the Philippines and Indonesia Bjoern Dressel; 4. Towards more intra-Asian judicial cooperation in the constitutional sphere Maartje de Visser; 5. An evolving court with changing functions: the constitutional court and judicial review in Taiwan Jiunn-rong Yeh and Wen-Chen Chang; 6. Constitutional Court of Korea: guardian of the constitution or mouthpiece of the government? Chaihark Hahm; 7. Avoiding rights: the constitutional tsets of Mongolia Tom Ginsburg and Chimid Enhbaatar; 8. The Constitutional Court of Thailand: from activism to arbitrariness Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang; 9. Indonesia's Constitutional Court and Indonesia's electoral systems Simon Butt; 10. Constitutional Council of Cambodia at the age of majority: a history of weathering the rule of law storms in peacetime Teilee Kuong; 11. The short but turbulent history of Myanmar's Constitutional Tribunal Andrew Harding; 12. The Supreme Court of Japan: a judicial court, not necessarily a constitutional court Yasuo Hasebe; 13. Establishing judicial review in China: impediments and prospects Qianfan Zhang; 14. Why do countries decide not to adopt constitutional review? The case of Vietnam Ngoc Son Bui.
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