Constituent Assemblies

Constituent Assemblies

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1. Introduction Jon Elster, Roberto Gargarella, Vatsal Naresh and Bjorn Erik Rasch; 2. Constitution-making in the context of plural societies: the 'accumulation strategy' Roberto Gargarella; 3. Constituent assemblies in democratic regimes: the problem of a legally limited convention Gabriel L. Negretto; 4. Constituent assemblies and political continuity in divided societies Hanna Lerner; 5. Constituent assembly failure in Pakistan and Nepal Mara Malagodi; 6. Precautions in a democratic experiment: the nexus between political power and competence Udit Bhatia; 7. A race against time: the making of the Norwegian Constitution of 1814 Jon Elster; 8. Chain of legitimacy: constitution-making in Iceland Thorvaldur Gylfason; 9. Constitution-making and legislative involvement in government formation Cristina Bucur, Jose Antonio Cheibub, Shane Martin and Bjorn Erik Rasch; 10. The political psychology of constitution-making Jon Elster; Index.
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