Conspiracy on Cato Street

Conspiracy on Cato Street

A Tale of Liberty and Revolution in Regency London

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. The simple tale: 1. The Cato Street conspiracy: what happened; 2. Arrests and reactions; Part II. Taking its measure: 3. Interpreting the conspiracy; 4. What they were up against; 5. What they believed; 6. Fantasy, myth, and song; 7. Rebellion's habitats; Part III. Thistlewood: his story: 8. A terrorist in the making: 1774-1816; 9. The Spa Fields insurrection: 1816-17; 10. Thistlewood unhinged: 1818-19; 11. Peterloo in London: 1819-20; 12. Edwards the spy: 1819-20; Part IV. Ordinary Britons: 13. Conspirators and others; 14. Wives, marriages, children; 15. Men of colour: Wedderburn and Davidson; Part V. Executions: 16. Trials and verdicts; 17. May Day at Newgate; 18. Epilogue: Gericault goes to Cato Street; Historiographical note; The trial reports.