Conflict-Related Violence against Women

Conflict-Related Violence against Women

Transforming Transition

Swaine, Aisling (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Cambridge University Press






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By comparatively assessing three conflict-affected jurisdictions, this book empirically and theoretically expands current understanding of the form and nature of conflict-time harms impacting women, and proposes that a transformation rather than a transition is required if justice processes are to play a role in preventing gendered violence.
Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction; Part II. Approaches to Understanding Conflict-Related Violence Against Women: 2. Historic prevalence vs contemporary celebrity: sexing dichotomies in today's wars; 3. Who wins the worst violence contest? Armed conflict and violence in Northern Ireland, Liberia and Timor-Leste; Part III. Violence Against Women before, during and after Conflict: 4. Beyond strategic rape: expanding conflict-related violence against women; 5. Connections and distinctions: ambulant violence across pre-, during and post-conflict contexts; 6. Seeing violence in the aftermath: what's labeling got to do with it?; Part IV. Justice, Transition and Transformation: 7. Transitions and violence after conflict: transitional justice; 8. Conclusion: transition or transformation?
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