Concessionaires, Financiers and Communities

Concessionaires, Financiers and Communities

Implementing Indigenous Peoples' Rights to Land in Transnational Development Projects

Cambridge University Press






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1. Development projects, Indigenous peoples' land rights and rights implementation; 2. Characteristics of indigenous peoples and development projects; 3. In the shadows of the operational development project: coping strategies, lacunas and fragmentation in the formal legal framework; 4. Bridging the gap through the elephant in the room? Private mechanisms and behaviours for implementing Indigenous peoples' rights; 5. Discretion, delegation, fragmentation and opacity: impacts of financing mechanisms in Mongolia and Panama; 6. Pricing for poverty: project finance, power purchase agreements and structural inequities in Uganda; 7. Negotiating land outcomes: a comparative look at concessionaires, Indigenous peoples and power; 8. Moving forward.
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Natural resources; infrastructure; development; land rights; indigenous; implementation; public-private; finance; power; rule of law