Comparing Cultures

Comparing Cultures

Innovations in Comparative Ethnography


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction - Comparative Ethnography: Its Promise, Process, and Successful Implementations Edward D. Lowe and Michael Schnegg; Part I. Binary Comparisons: 1. Thinking with Comparison in the Anthropology/ Historical Anthropology of Migration Caroline B. Brettell; 2. Comparing Tangerines: Dorothy Lee and the Search for an Authentic Individualism Richard Handler; 3. A Comparative Ethnographic Study of Suicide Epidemics in Two Pacific Island Societies Edward D. Lowe; Part II. Regional Comparisons: 4. The Comparison of Structures and the Comparison of Systems: Levi-Strauss, Dumont, Luhmann Guido Sprenger; 5. Regional Comparison in Historical Anthropology: Three Case Examples from South Arabia Andre Gingrich; 6. Scaling Ethnography Up Michael Schnegg; Part III. Distant and Fluid Comparisons: 7. Best, Worst, and Good Enough: Lessons Learned from Multi-Sited Comparative Ethnography Jennifer S. Hirsch, Holly Wardlow, Daniel Jordan Smith, Harriet Phinney, Shanti Parikh, and Constance A. Nathanson; 8. Research Across Cultures and Disciplines: Methodological Challenges in an Interdisciplinary and Comparative Research Project on Emotion Socialization Birgitt Roettger-Roessler; 9. Global Sport Industries, Comparison, and Economics of Scales Niko Besnier and Daniel Guinness.
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