Comparative Constitutional Reasoning

Comparative Constitutional Reasoning

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1. Introduction: comparing constitutional reasoning with quantitative and qualitative methods Andras Jakab, Arthur Dyevre and Giulio Itzcovic; 2. The High Court of Australia Cheryl Saunders and Adrienne Stone; 3. The Austrian Constitutional Court Konrad Lachmayer; 4. The Supreme Federal Court of Brazil Conrado Hubner Mendes; 5. The Supreme Court of Canada Hugo Cyr and Monica Popescu; 6. The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic Zdenek Kuhn; 7. The European Court of Human Rights Janneke Gerards; 8. The European Court of Justice Giulio Itzcovich; 9. The French Constitutional Council Arthur Dyevre; 10. German Federal Constitutional Court Michaela Hailbronner and Stefan Martini; 11. The Constitutional Court of Hungary Andras Jakab and Johanna Froehlich; 12. The Supreme Court of Ireland Eoin Carolan; 13. The Israeli Supreme Court Suzie Navot; 14. The Constitutional Court of Italy Tania Groppi and Irene Spigno; 15. The Constitutional Court of South Africa Christa Rautenbach and Lorens du Plessis; 16. The Spanish Constitutional Court Marian Ahumada Ruiz; 17. The Constitutional Court of Taiwan Wen-Chen Chang; 18. The Supreme Court (House of Lords) of the United Kingdom Tamas Gyorfi; 19. The Supreme Court of the United States Howard Schweber and Jennifer L. Brookhart; 20. Conclusion Andras Jakab, Arthur Dyevre and Giulio Itzcovich.
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