Community Paralegals and the Pursuit of Justice

Community Paralegals and the Pursuit of Justice

Maru, Vivek; Gauri, Varun (The World Bank)

Cambridge University Press






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The United Nations estimates that four billion people worldwide lack access to justice. This book is essential for anyone who wants to change that: lawyers, researchers, policy-makers, and activists. Community paralegals demystify law and empower people to advocate for themselves. In the fight to bring justice everywhere, they are the frontline. This title is also available as Open Access.
1. Paralegal in comparative perspective - what have we learned across these six countries? Vivek Maru and Varun Gauri; 2. 'To whom do the people take their issues?' The contribution of community-based paralegals to access to justice in South Africa Jackie Dugard and Katherine Drage; 3. Community-based paralegalism in the Philippines: from social movements to democratization Jennifer Franco, Hector Soliman and Maria Roda Cisnero; 4. Paralegalism in Indonesia: balancing relationships in the shadow of the law Ward Berenschot and Taufik Rinaldi; 5. Kenya's community-based paralegals: a tradition of grassroots legal activism Abigail Moy; 6. Squeezing justice out of a broken system: community paralegals in Sierra Leone Vivek Maru, Lyttelton Braima and Gibrill Jalloh; 7. The contributions of community-based paralegals in delivering access to justice in postwar Liberia Peter Chapman and Chelsea Payne.
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