Communicating with Asia

Communicating with Asia

The Future of English as a Global Language

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Communicating with Asia: introduction Gerhard Leitner, Azirah Hashim and Hans-Georg Wolf; Part I. English in Selected Regional and National Habitats with a Glance at the Role of Outward-Bound Communication Needs: 1. The development of English in Pakistan Tariq Rahman; 2. English for Japan: in the cultural context of the East-Asian expanding circle Nobuyuki Hino; 3. Convergence and divergence of English in Malaysia and Singapore Ee-Ling Low and Rachel Tan Siew Kuang; 4. Indian English prosody Pramod Pandey; 5. Charting the endonormative stabilization of Singapore English Tan Siew Imm; 6. Arabic in contact with English and Malay in Malaysia Azirah Hashim and Gerhard Leitner; 7. Preposition stranding and pied-piping in Philippine English: a corpus-based study Danilo T. Dayag; 8. The Americanization of the phonology of Asian Englishes: evidence from Singapore Ying-Ying Tan; 9. Postcolonial and learner Englishes in Southeast Asia: implications for international communication Michael Percillier; Part II. Major Other Languages in Asia, their International Status and Impact on Education: 10. Multilingualism, Hindi-Urdu and Indian English: intra-national and international diaspora Tej K. Bhatia and William C. Ritchie; 11. Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Melayu: convergence and divergence of the official languages in contemporary Southeast Asia Lim Beng Soon and Gloria Poedjosoedarmo R.; 12. Putonghua and Cantonese in the Chinese territories Chan Shui-Duen; 13. The Chinese language in the Asian diaspora: a Malaysian experience Wang Xiaomei; 14. Russian in Far East Asia: linguistic policies on the periphery of empire Roxana Doncu; 15. Russian and Turkic languages in Central Asia Zoya Proshina; Part III. Wider Perspectives: 16. Understanding Asia by means of cognitive sociolinguistics and cultural linguistics - the example of ghosts in Hong Kong English Hans-Georg Wolf and Thomas Chan; 17. Understanding Asia through English literature Gerhard Stilz; 18. English as a lingua franca and educational impact in Asia Andy Kirkpatrick; 19. The Australian Asia project Joseph Lo Bianco and Yvette Slaughter.
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