Communal Functions of Social Comparison

Communal Functions of Social Comparison


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Introduction. Communion in social comparison - back to the roots Zlatan Krizan and Frederick X. Gibbons; Part I. Core Considerations: 1. Agency and communion in social comparisons Kenneth D. Locke; 2. Social comparison in identity theory Jan E. Stets and Peter J. Burke; 3. When comparisons divide: invidious emotions and their social control Zlatan Krizan and Richard H. Smith; Part II. Individual Level: 4. Sparing others through social comparison Anne L. Zell and Julie Juola Exline; 5. Social comparisons within romantic relationships Penelope Lockwood and Rebecca T. Pinkus; Part III. Group Level: 6. Prototype-based social comparison within groups: constructing social identity to reduce self-uncertainty Michael A. Hogg and Amber M. Gaffney; 7. Bonding, hiding and promoting: three reactions to shared threat Hart Blanton, Melissa Burkley and Edward Burkley; Part IV. Sociocultural Level: 8. Basic principles of social comparison: does gender matter? Serge Guimond and Armand Chatard; 9. Culture and self-worth: implications for social comparison processes and coping with threats to self-worth Joni Y. Sasaki, Deborah M. Ko and Heejung S. Kim.
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