Commerce and Peace in the Enlightenment

Commerce and Peace in the Enlightenment

Whatmore, Richard; Kapossy, Bela; Nakhimovsky, Isaac

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: power, prosperity and peace in Enlightenment thought Bela Kapossy, Isaac Nakhimovsky and Richard Whatmore; 1. Harrington's project: the balance on money, a republican constitution for Europe, and England's patronage of the world Mark Somos; 2. The enlightened prince and the future of Europe: Voltaire and Frederick the Great's anti-Machiavel of 1740 Isaac Nakhimovsky; 3. From jealousy of trade to the neutrality of finance: Isaac de Pinto's 'system' of luxury and perpetual peace Koen Stapelbroek; 4. Eighteenth-century Carthage Christopher Brooke; 5. Enlightenment socialism: Cesare Beccaria and his critics Sophus A. Reinert; 6. State-machines, commerce and the progress of Humanitat in Europe: Herder's response to Kant in Ideas on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind Eva Piirimae; 7. Peace, commerce and cosmopolitan republicanism: the legacy of Andrew Fletcher in late-eighteeth-century Scotland Iain McDaniel; 8. Liberty, war and empire: overcoming the rich state-poor state problem, 1789-1815 Richard Whatmore; 9. Karl Ludwig von Haller's critique of liberal peace Bela Kapossy; 10. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon's War and Peace: the right of force revisited Edward Castleton; 11. From king's prerogative to constitutional dictatorship as reason of state Duncan Kelly; 12. Afterword: peace, politics and the division of labour Michael Sonenscher.
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