The Anatomy of Delhi


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Sanjoy Chakravorty; Part I. State of the Metropolis: Overview: 1. Geography and demography: Mapping the metropolis Shrobona Karkun; 2. Assets and spatial inequality Neelanjan Sircar; 3. Housing and settlements: Invisible planning, visible exclusions Patrick Heller, Partha Mukhopadhyay, Shahana Sheikh and Subhadra Banda; 4. Services: Spatial inequality of basic infrastructure Shamindra Nath Roy; 5 Migration: Persisting inequalities and spatial disadvantage Khushdeep Kaur Malhotra; 6. Energy: electrifying the capital Radhika Khosla; 7. Crime: Victimization in New Delhi - Insights from new data Milan Vaishnav and Matthew Lillehaugen; Part II. Social and Political Change: Overview: 8. Religion, caste, class, politics: How urbanization affects social interactions and political behaviors Sumitra Badrinathan and Devesh Kapur; 9. Marriage: When, to whom, and how people get married Megan N. Reed; 10. Education: Understanding the gender gap in education and employment Deepaboli Chatterjee, Babu Lal, and Rimjhim Saxena; 11. Spatial politics: Sociality, transparency and ideas of community in Delhi and Gurgaon Sanjay Srivastava; 12. Politicians and netas: The politics of grievance and political intermediation Neelanjan Sircar; 13. Political parties: The emergence of the Aam Aadmi Party and the changing contours of the party system Adnan Farooqui; 14. Pollution: Vitiated air and thinking about Delhi's environment Awadhendra Sharan; Statistical Appendix; Index.
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