Collision Phenomena in Liquids and Solids

Collision Phenomena in Liquids and Solids

Roisman, Ilia V.; Yarin, Alexander L.; Tropea, Cameron

Cambridge University Press






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A comprehensive account of the physical foundations of collision phenomena and their applications, this is the first book to unify the underlying principles in both liquids and solids. It is ideal for students, researchers, and practitioners in areas ranging from mechanical and chemical engineering, to materials science and applied physics.
1. Introduction; 2. Selected basic flows and forces; Part I. Collision of Liquid Jets and Drops with a Dry Solid Wall: 3. Jet impact onto a solid wall; 4. Drop impact onto a dry solid wall; 5. Drop impact onto dry surfaces with complex morphology; Part II. Drop Impacts onto Liquid Surfaces: 6. Drop impacts with liquid pools and layers; Part III. Spray Formation and Impact onto Surfaces: 7. Drop and spray diagnostics; 8. Atomization and spray formation; 9. Spray impact; Part IV. Collisions of Solid Bodies with Liquid: 10. Rigid body collision with liquid surface; 11. Particle impact onto wetted wall; Part V. Solid - Solid Collisions: 12. Particle and long bar impact onto a rigid wall; 13. Shaped-charge (Munroe) jets and projectile penetration; 14. Fragmentation.
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