Collective Remembering

Collective Remembering

Memory in the World and in the Mind

Isurin, Ludmila

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. Theoretical Background: 1. Collective memory; 2. Autobiographical memory; 3. Crossing the boundaries: collective memory, individual memory, and immigration; Part II. Russian Collective Past as a Case Study: 4. Study on Russian collective memory: methodology; 5. Collective memory in the world: historical events reflected in the text; 6. Russian wars, prominent figures and crises: the producers' side of the story; 7. Collective memory in the mind: Russians' remembrance of the past; 8. Role of individual memory in the construction of collective memories; Part III. Memory in the World and in the Mind: 8. The interplay of memory in the world and in the mind; Bibliography; Index.
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