Collective Remembering

Collective Remembering

Memory in the World and in the Mind

Isurin, Ludmila (Ohio State University)

Cambridge University Press






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Focusing on a case study of Russian collective past, this interdisciplinary study brings together historical, anthropological, and psychological approaches to show how collective memory is constructed by official producers and consumed by group members, and how individual memory affects the construction of collective memory in current and former group members.
Introduction; Part I. Theoretical Background: 1. Collective memory; 2. Autobiographical memory; 3. Crossing the boundaries: collective memory, individual memory, and immigration; Part II. Russian Collective Past as a Case Study: 4. Study on Russian collective memory: methodology; 5. Collective memory in the world: historical events reflected in the text; 6. Russian wars, prominent figures and crises: the producers' side of the story; 7. Collective memory in the mind: Russians' remembrance of the past; 8. Role of individual memory in the construction of collective memories; Part III. Memory in the World and in the Mind: 8. The interplay of memory in the world and in the mind; Bibliography; Index.
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