Collecting Qualitative Data

Collecting Qualitative Data

A Practical Guide to Textual, Media and Virtual Techniques

Braun, Dr. Virginia; Clarke, Victoria; Gray, Debra

Cambridge University Press






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1. Collecting textual, media and virtual data in qualitative research Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke and Debra Gray; Part I. Textual Data Collection: 2. Short but often sweet: the surprising potential of qualitative survey methods Gareth Terry and Virginia Braun; 3. Once upon a time...: story completion methods Victoria Clarke, Nikki Hayfield, Naomi Moller, Irmgard Tischner and the Story Completion Research Group; 4. Hypothetically speaking: using vignettes as a stand-alone qualitative method Debra Gray, Bronwen Royall and Helen Malson; 5. 'Coughing everything out': the solicited diary method Paula Meth; Part II. Media Data Collection: 6. Making media data: an introduction to qualitative media research Laura Garcia-Favaro, Rosalind Gill and Laura Harvey; 7. 'God's great leveller': talkback radio as qualitative data Scott Hanson-Easey and Martha Augoustinos; 8. Archives of everyday life: using blogs in research Nicholas Hookway; 9. Online discussion forums: a rich and vibrant source of data David Giles; Part III. Virtual Data Collection: 10. 'Type me your answer': generating interview data via email Lucy Gibson; 11. A productive chat: instant messaging interviewing Pamela J. Lannutti; 12. I'm not with you, yet I am... virtual face-to-face interviews Paul Hanna and Shadreck Mwale; 13. Meeting in virtual spaces: conducting online focus groups Fiona Fox.
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