Collapse of the Wave Function

Collapse of the Wave Function

Models, Ontology, Origin, and Implications

Gao, Shan

Cambridge University Press






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List of contributors; Preface; Part I. Models: 1. How to teach and think about spontaneous wave function collapse theories: not like before Lajos Diosi; 2. What really matters in Hilbert-space stochastic processes Giancarlo Ghirardi, Oreste Nicrosini and Alberto Rimini; 3. Dynamical collapse for photons Philip Pearle; 4. Quantum state reduction Dorje C. Brody and Lane P. Hughston; 5. Collapse models and spacetime symmetries Daniel J. Bedingham; Part II. Ontology: 6. Ontology for collapse theories Wayne C. Myrvold; 7. Properties and the born rule in GRW Theory Roman Frigg; 8. Paradoxes and primitive ontology in collapse theories of quantum mechanics Roderich Tumulka; 9. On the status of primitive ontology Peter J. Lewis; 10. Collapse or no collapse? What is the best ontology of quantum mechanics in the primitive ontology framework? Michael Esfeld; Part III. Origin: 11. Quantum state reduction via gravity, and possible tests using Bose-Einstein condensates Ivette Fuentes and Roger Penrose; 12. Collapse. What else? Nicolas Gisin; 13. Three arguments for the reality of wave-function collapse Shan Gao; Part IV. Implications: 14. Could inelastic interactions induce quantum probabilistic transitions? Nicholas Maxwell; 15. How the Schroedinger Equation would predict collapse: an explicit mechanism Roland Omnes; 16. Wave function collapse, non-locality, and space-time structure Tejinder P. Singh; 17. The weight of collapse: dynamical reduction models in general relativistic contexts Elias Okon and Daniel Sudarsky; Index.
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