Cognitive Science and Ancient Israelite Religion

Cognitive Science and Ancient Israelite Religion

New Perspectives on Texts, Artifacts, and Culture

Maiden, Brett E.

Cambridge University Press






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1. Intuitive and Reflective Cognition, Optimal and Costly Religion; 2. Rethinking the Popular/Official Religion Dichotomy; 3. Deuteronomic Theology as Cognitively Costly Religion; 4. Counterintuitive Mischwesen: Hybrid Creatures in Syro-Palestinian Iconography and Cognition; 5. On Artifacts and Agency: The Mesopotamian MIS PI Ritual, Biblical Idol Polemics, and Belief in Cult Statues; 6. Ritual and Cognition in the day of Atonement Ritual in Leviticus; 7. Conclusion; Bibliography.
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cognitive science of religion; ancient Israelite religion; iconography; Hebrew Bible; cognition; cognitive historiography