Cognitive Motivation

Cognitive Motivation

From Curiosity to Identity, Purpose and Meaning

Beswick, David (University of Melbourne)

Cambridge University Press






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Beswick presents a new general theory of cognitive motivation, synthesizing decades of existing research in social, cognitive and personality psychology, in which basic concepts are applied to a wide range of purposive behaviour. Combining affective and cognitive principles, the new theory is applicable to fields such as business and education.
Introduction: the incomplete gestalt; Part I. Forms of Cognitive Motivation: 1. Towards a general theory of cognitive motivation; 2. Curiosity; 3. Intrinsic motivation; 4. Cognitive dissonance; 5. Achievement motivation; 6. Agency, efficacy and attribution; Part II. Basic Processes and Applications: 7. Working memory, consciousness, and attention; 8. The function of emotion in cognitive motivation; 9. Goals; 10. Intentions; 11. Identity; 12. Purpose and meaning.
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